Earn $5 When You Share
a Deal With Friends

Sharing a deal with your friends can earn you a $5 credit toward your next iDealGolfer deal whenever your friend buys. There's no limit as to how many deals you can share or how many new friends you can invite to purchase, so start spreading the word today!

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What is Refer a Friend?
We'll give you a $5 idealgolfer credit for each referral you send to a buddy when they purchase an idealgolfer deal (first time purchasers only, please). It's our special way of saying a big thanks to you for helping us get the word out!
I like a deal and want to share it with a friend. Now what do I do?
After you log in to your own account, Click "refer a friend" and enter their email address. A unique code will be sent to them that's good for up to 30 days. If they use the link and sign up to make a purchase, YOU get a $5 credit to use towards a future deal!
How do I make sure I actually get the credit for my referred friends?
We'll generate a unique sharing link for you to send to your friends and all they have to do is click on it, create an account, and purchase the deal; then you're all set. Just make sure they follow the specific link - this is how we track your referral to make sure and credit your account for their purchase. That's the magic equation: when they buy, YOU earn!

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